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Top Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys


Toddlerhood is a time of great exploration. Toddlers are everywhere and into everything. So why not get them into a green lifestyle early on?

If you're looking for green toys for a toddler in your life, here are some great options available on the market today -- all priced under $50.

1. Uncle Goose Classic Blocks with Canvas Bag

This classic set of 28 alphabet blocks comes inside a sturdy cotton canvas bag secured with a drawstring. The bag is a great way to store the blocks when they're not in use, keeping your toddler's playroom tidy, and also makes it easy to take them along on road trips or play dates.

Made from sustainable Michigan basswood, each block features bright colors embossed and printed in a range of non-toxic inks. The set includes a variety of animals, numbers, math symbols and four full alphabets. It is designed for children ages 2 and up.

And if classic isn't your style, Uncle Goose has you covered, too. They also make alphabet blocks with a bolder, more modern edge. In addition, the company makes a wide variety of other wooden blocks, featuring everything from American presidents to nursery rhymes to chemistry symbols. They even make alphabet blocks in foreign languages, including Arabic, Cherokee and Chinese.

2. Green Toys Recycling Truck

Photo © Green Toys

Get your little one interested in recycling early on with this fun recycling truck from Green Toys made of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. The truck features side chutes for recycling paper, cans and plastic, as well as a recycling bed that tilts backward and a rear door that opens and shuts. It doesn't have any metal axles so it won't rust and it's suitable for play indoors and out.

Made in the United States, this truck doesn't contain any BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. It's packaged in a recycled cardboard box that's recyclable and printed with soy ink. Even better, the retail box includes cutouts with images of common recyclables -- newspapers, an aluminum can and a plastic bottle -- so children can practice sorting the recyclables in the different chutes and then dump everything out when they're ready for another round.

If the truck gets dirty after some muddy outdoor play, you can even toss it in the dishwasher to clean it. It's designed for children ages 1 and up.

3. Wonderworld New Stacking Rings

Photo © Wonderworld

This classic stacking toy helps to develop a child's sense of color, shape and size. The graduated, colorful rings are made of wood and fit in any order on the solid wood stand, which rocks and sways to make it easier for younger children to guide the rings onto the central post.

This simple toy also helps to develop a child's hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and creativity. You can also use it to teach your child color recognition and counting. It's recommended for children ages 1 and up.

Made in Thailand from rubber wood, this product contains only non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers and formaldehyde-free glue. Its packaging is also made of at least 70% recycled paper.

4. Janod Tatoo Push & Roll

Photo © Janod

Designed in France, this classic pushing toy features a sturdy handle that beginning walkers can grip onto with both hands. The handle height is adjustable, too, so it can grow with your child.

Made from solid wood, the bottom of the roller contains brightly colored wood balls that clack around as it's rolled. It also has rubber wheels for added stability and to protect your floors.

This product is painted with lead-free, non-toxic paint. It's designed for children ages 1 and up.

5. PlanToys Dancing Alligator

Photo © PlanToys

This adorable alligator makes rhythmic click-clack sounds and moves its head and tail up and down as its pulled along.

Pull toys like this one help your child develop coordination, build imagination and improve gross motor skills for walking. It's designed for children ages 1 and up.

Like all PlanToys, this product is made of wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. The company is also committed to using non-toxic, water-based dyes for their toys and recycled materials and soy- and water-based inks on their printed materials.

6. Hape Pyramid of Play Wooden Nesting Blocks

The innovative design of this set of five blocks allows it to function as a nesting, stacking and shape sorting toy all in one.

Designed for children ages 18 months and up, it helps to develop fine motor skills such as dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well as problem-solving skills and an understanding of spatial relationships. This toy is also perfect for introducing a child to different shapes, colors and counting skills.

Made of Baltic birch, maple and rubber wood from Forest Stewardship Council-managed forests, this toy is finished with non-toxic, water-based paints. Plus, its packaging is made from recycled materials.

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